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Databases, Spatial Computing, SQL, Maps and GPS

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The Databases course introduced the various database technologies with an assignment to do with each:

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From GPS and Google Maps To Spatial Computing Course Description (concepts, not programming course for me):

DESCRIPTION:From Google Maps to consumer global positioning system (GPS) devices, spatial technology shapes many lives in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. Thanks to spatial computing, a hiker in Yellowstone and a taxi driver in Manhattan can know precisely where they are, discover nearby points of interest and learn how to reach their destinations. Spatial computing technology is what powers the Foursquare check in, the maps app on your smartphone, the devices used by scientists to track endangered species, the routing directions that help you get from point A to point B, the precision agriculture technology that is revolutionizing farming, and the augmented reality devices like Google Glass that may soon mediate our interaction with the real world.

This course introduces the fundamental ideas underlying spatial computing services, systems, and sciences

Subject Areas covered:

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