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Technical Entrepreneur, 2 courses, Parts 1 and 2:

Link to Technical Entrepreneur Part 1, Fiction Recommender Project, and the Brainstorm of Ideas class files and Part 1 topics

Objective Part 1: fundamentals of technical entrepreneurship, pioneered in Silicon Valley and spreading across the world.

Technical Entrepreneur Types of People

What We Learned:

Part 1 Overview: My team project was with team leader Amber Chang, who came up with a fiction recommender social web site. We each provided brainstorms of ideas, and my list of ideas was included in the provided class files link, but Amber asked me to join her team and I did, rather than pursue mine for this part of the class. I'll list mine below that we did NOT pursue in this class project. We were asked to submit these and mine were from what I thought about through life experience and conversations with others, some are from what the internet search gave me, and some just observations from being out and about. We explored Ambers idea for the class project, but I share mine with you for fun. These are what I had to submit before we did pursue the fiction recommender for the class project.

Brainstorm (for fun) of ideas NOT pursued in this class project setting

Fiction Recommender Social Web Site, the project that we pursued instead of the above rather spontaneous brain storm of ideas from me! Lead by Amber Chang, her idea for this class project.

Business Model Canvas For Fiction Recommender Web Site Class Project for Technical Entrepreneur Part 1

Opportunity Analysis Project (OAP) for Technical Entrepreneur Part 1 Class Project, with project survey, project team web site with video of slides and write up analysis of these

You Tube Video of Slides for Low Fidelity FicRec Prototype

FicRec Project Team Web Site With Video of Slides

FicRec Story Board Sketch Plans for Making the Video of Slides

FicRec Potential Customer Survey

FicRec Survey Responses in Pie Chart Summary Style

FicRec Survey Responses From Potential Customers Spread Sheet Style