One day Workshops and Tutorials From Agilent Key Sight Technologies and Tektronix to Learn About Their Equipment and the Need for It as well as the Basics of Radio Frequencies

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Back to Basics Radio Frequencies (RF) One Day Seminar

DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE: Todays engineers working in communications, consumer electronics and aerospace and defense are faced with increasingly complex design and measurement challenges and rapidly changing technology. A strong foundation in basic measurement and simulation techniques is essential for success. This seminar will improve your understanding of basic RF measurement, design and simulation techniques.

Topics Covered in Agilents Back to Basics Radio Frequencies (RF) One Day Seminar:

Labs and Topics Covered in Agilents Test Instruments and Test Challenges One Day Seminar

DESCRIPTION and SEMINAR PURPOSE: Solve your most pressing test challenges. Spend time with Agilent engineers and get your hands on the latest test instruments at this years complimentary A+ Seminar Series. It is a full day of hands on labs, best practices and skills development designed to help you solve current and emerging test challenges.